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Get Online Quote – Online Khajoor Price in Pakistan

Khajoor Price in Pakistan - Dates Price in Pakistan

Using this form you can get Khajoor Price in Pakistan / Dates Price in Pakistan we assuring you of our best possible price. Asia Foods International is a trusted name in agribusiness in Pakistan, which mainly deals in agricultural produce and export of dates from Pakistan.  Strive to provide best e...Read More

Contact Dates Wholesalers in Pakistan – Dates Retailers in Pakistan

ASIA FOODS INTERNATIONAL Factory Office:  Therhi (Habibabad) District Khairpur Mirs Sindh. Commercial: Block 13-Gulistan-e-Jauhar Karachi

Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara – Dry Dates Dealers in Pakistan

Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara Exporter in Pakistan

Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara

Asia Foods International is Exporter of Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara in Pakistan (Dry Dates Dealers in Pakistan).  Yellow dry Dates are commonly known as Rangkhat (Rangkaat) is local language in Paksitan and India. Dry Dates Yellow-R...Read More

Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan-Brown Organic

Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan -Dry Dates Sukkur - Dry Dates Khairpur (Chouhara/ Chuhara-Brown Organic).

Dry Dates exporters Paksitan : Dry Dates are most often considered same as Tamr Dates - fully ripe Dates packed and marketed. Viewed same especially by those not having consumed dry Dates before. What are the dry Dates?  Dry dates are completely ...Read More

Why Doing Business With Us – Dates Exporters in Karachi

Dates Exporters in Karachi - Dates Dealers in Karachi

Dates Exporters in Karachi - Dates Dealers in Karachi Asia Foods International is a Dates Exporters in Karachi, they also included in Best Dates Dealers in Karachi.
  • You are buying your dates directly from us, the growers, avoiding any third parties or intermediaries.
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Our Commitment and Values -Dry Dates Sukkur-Dry Dates Khairpur

Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan - Best Quality Dates in Pakistan

Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan Asia Foods International the name of Best Quality Dates in Pakistan, they also included in best Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan.

Our Commitment and Values

Customer service, Quality, Reliability, People, and Integri...Read More

About US (Best Dates Company In Pakistan)

Best Dates Company in Pakistan

Asia Foods International(best dates company in Pakistan) Asia Foods International(best dates company in Pakistan) is a family-owned enterprise having been in agricultural business since many generations as leading growers of Dates with extensive knowledge and understanding of top quality dates and dates processing. This enterprise ini...Read More

Dates Exporters in Pakistan – Dates Suppliers in Pakistan

Dates Exporters in Pakistan

Welcome to the Asia Foods International!

ISO 22000 &  HACCP Certified  Dates Company.
Asia Foods International is a one of the leading Dates growers, processors, packers and Dates Exporters in Pakistan , company is  counted in the best Dates Suppliers in Pakistan. Asia Foods International is located in the hub of dates growing r...Read More

Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates-Manufacturer of Block Dates in Pakistan

Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates

Block of dates | Pitted pressed dates

Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates  are actually a block of dates - Pitted pressed dates. Best quality Aseel Dates are mashed and pressed through a machine to make a block Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates is a block of dried dates which lasts longer on shelf than other lose Dat...Read More