Chopped Dates Exporters Pakistan – Diced Dates Supplier in Pakistan

chopped dates

Chopped Dates Exporters Pakistan – Diced Dates Supplier in Pakistan

Chopped DatesDiced Dates or Dates Cubes are a unique taste like a natural sweetener. People around the world have been consuming Dates fruit as a natural sweetener full of fiber and energy. Widely Dates remain available on supermarkets shelves either the whole Date or Pitted one. Chopped Dates is a ready to use the option to sweeten recipes, cakes, and bakery items

Chopped Dates -Diced Dates

Aseel Chopped Dates / Aseel Diced Dates:

Chopped /Diced Dates are prepared from Aseel Dates of Pakistan. Aseel Date is the largest commercial Date variety of Pakistan.

Aseel chopped dates /Aseel Diced Dates are dusted and coated with Dextrose or rice flour to prevent pieces from sticking to give you the best for your favorite recipes. Light flour also keeps chopped pieces from sticking with fingers in the kitchen.

Chopped dates are perfect enjoyable sweet munch when mixed with fruits and seeds. These ready cut pieces are ideal for sweetening up breakfasts naturally, for recipes and homemade snacks

Size of Chopped Dates / Diced Dates

& Qualities of Chopped Dates

Diced Dates / Chopped Dates /Date Cubes are available in the below sizes:
6×6 mm 8×8 mm 10×10 mm 12×12 mm
Size of the Chopped Dates / Diced Dates can be customized to customer requirements.

Aseel Diced Dates are handpicked at the ideal ripeness, sundried, chopped to perfection with sizes, 6×6 mm, 8×8 mm, 10×10 mm, 12×12 mm. Sizes of Date cubes can be made smaller than 6x6mm or larger than 12x12mm depending on the requirements. But the standard size ranges between these sizes

Chopped Dates – Diced Dates

Chopped Dates Exporters Pakistan-Diced Dates

Packaging of Chopped Dates /Diced Dates

Retail Packing:

Bulk Packing:

Packaging for Chopped Dates /Date Cubes is available in Flexib Packaging –  Stand Up Pouches for retail level packaging. For Bulk Packaging, Diced Dates are packed in 10 Kg Corrugated Cartons. However, Packaging can also be customized to meet customer requirements. Private Lable Packaging is also available as per customer demand.

Chopped Dates Bulk Packaging 10 kg

Chopped Dates Exporters Pakistan

Chopped Dates Storage – How to Store Dates?

Chopped Dates -Diced Dates / Date Cubes should be stored in a cool and dry place. If placed in cold storage with a properly maintained temperature the shelf life can last up to 18 months.

Chopped Dates Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


20 FCL (15-18 tons)

Any Quantity Can be Ordered

All our Chopped Dates -Diced Date shipments are lab tested and pre-inspected by SGS Pakistan to provide the best quality to customers. a leading chopped Dates exporters Pakistan at Asia Foods International quality remains a prime concern to fully meet the buyer requirements.

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