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Chopped Dates Exporters in Pakistan – Diced Dates Producers

Asis Foods International is a Chopped Dates-diced Dates exporter in Pakistan Chopped Dates are of naturally sweet, handpicked at the ideal ripeness, sun-dried, chopped to perfection . Our chopped dates /Diced Dates  are dusted and coated with Dextrose or rice flour to prevent pieces from sticking to give you the best for your favorite recipes. Light flour also keeps chopped pieces from sticking with fingers in the kitchen.

Chopped date are perfect enjoyable sweet munch when mixed with fruits and seeds. These ready cut pieces are ideal for sweetening up breakfasts naturally, for recipes and homemade snacks. We prefer Aseel Dates variety of Pakistan for chopped Dates /diced Dates.

Our Diced Dates are made from our Aseel Dates. Dates are washed with water, dehydrated to bring to the proper processing moisture content, then mechanically pitted and diced. Diced to a relatively uniform size, lightly coated to keep the product separated and free-flowing, dried to a specific moisture content, and sized using a mechanical sifting machine. No preservatives or chemicals are added. Only rice flour or dextrose added slightly to keep dices /chops from sticking together.

Diced Dates are available in sizes of  8×8 mm, 10×10 mm , 12×12 mm. Can also be customized as per customer requirements.