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Pitted Dates |Pitted Aseel Dates| Best Quality Pakistan Aseel Dates

    Pitted Dates-Aseel Pitted Dates

    Pitted Dates |Pitted Aseel Dates| Best Quality Pakistan Aseel Dates



    Pitted Dates (HS 0804 10 00)- Aseel Pitted Dates. Taste Asia Foods International`s natural pitted Aseel dates. These are seedless large, red-brown, thick-skinned soft, medium-sweet dates. Pitted dates Aseel are semi-dried, fleshy and sweet date suited for fresh consumption and taste like all-natural candy.

    Pitted Dates-Pitted Aseel Dates-Best Quality Pakistan Aseel Dates

    Pitted DatesAseel Pitted Dates are also know as stoned Dates. Our Pitted Dates are also incredibly tasty and can be stuffed with nuts or cheese. Easy to chop up and include in recipes that call for dried fruit or to be used as a natural sweetener in place of refined sugars to sweeten cakes and cookies, coffee, cereal, chocolates and even bakery items. Refined sugars contain little nutritional value. In contrast, naturally sweet Aseel Dates have vitamins and minerals.

    What are whole Pitted Dates? What Pitted Dates ?

    Pitted Dates or Stoned Dates are those Dates whose Pit (seed) is removed. Just pick and eat it. Aseel pitted Dates are ready to eat.

    These pitted aseel dates without the pit are loaded with natural sweetness and can be used for noshing, snacking or baking. Our pitted dates are firm and are somewhat drier than most of dates’ varieties and do not stick together unless kept under hot conditions.

    Aseel pitted dates are organic and excellent source of dietary fiber, which adds bulk to the diet and supports the digestive system. They are also a powerhouse of potassium, the mineral your body needs to regulate muscle contraction and keep the heart beating normally. Pitted aseel dates are a great option for satisfying a sweet tooth and a delicious snack to curb hunger.

    Organic pitted dates contain up to three times as much potassium as bananas! Consuming potassium-rich foods throughout the day can help your body regulate blood pressure and keep your sodium levels in check.

    Pitted Aseel dates are low calorie, non-fat, Cholesterol – free, three times higher in potassium than bananas, contains fiber, and trace amounts of iron, calcium, and protein both of which keep you feeling full longer and fast-acting carbohydrates to boost energy all the day. Our pitted Aseel dates are an instant energy booster.

    Harvest season of Pitted Dates|Assel Pitted Dates

    Fresh harvest of the Pitted Dates in Pakistan start from 15th July and lasts until 15th August each year. After completion of harvest period Dates are washed/cleaned, fumigated and put in the cold storage for supply round the year

    Qualities of Pitted Dates / Stoned Dates

    Pitted Assel Dattes -from Pakistan's Best Dates Suppliers

    Pitted Dates (Aseel Pitted Dates)  remain available in following qualities/Grades:

    SELECT QUALITY ( Contain 75-85 Dates per/500g) 

    GAQ PITTED ASEEL DATES ( Contain 85-90 Dates per/500g) 

    FAQ PITTED ASEEL DATES ( Contain 90-100  Dates per/500g) 

    INDUSTRIAL PITTED ASEEL DATES (Contain  100-110+ Dates per/500g) 

    BLOCK PRESSED DATES/ASEEL BLOC DATE ( 250g each bar/bloc)

    Also these grades are categorized as “Super, A, B and C quality”

    Packaging of Pitted Dates

    Retail Packing:

    • > 250g

    • > 500g

    • > 1kg

    • > 2kg

    Bulk Packing:

    • > 5 Kg

    • > 10 Kg

    Mostly we supply Pitted Dates in bulk packaging of 10 kg. However, we also provide small retail level packaging customized for private Label. Small packaging boxes are placed in master carton.

    Pitted Dates -Stoned Dates -Pitted Aseel Dates

    Pitted Dates Storage - How to Store Dates?

    PITTED DATES (Pitted Aseel Dates) contain moisture content less than 16% . These Dates have long shelf life and can be stored upto two years if kept at advised storage instructions. Dates are advised to be placed in cool and dry place preferably in cold storage to maintain taste, quality and Dates texture.

    Aseel Dates pitted if kept at room temperature can change its color from brown to dark brown or dark after few months.

    Pitted Dates Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


    20 FCL (15-18 tons)


    Any Quantity Can be Ordered

    For trial orders  quantity ordered can be lessened but it will increase the cost per ton basis due to increased transportation costs for lesser quantity. 15 tons remain an optimal quantity to be ordered. Any quantity can be ordered from Pakistan. We deliver Dates across Pakistan.

    Other Products prepared from Pitted Dates (Stoned Dates)?

    Other Products prepared from Pitted Dates (Stoned Dates)?

    There is a multitude of products prepared from ASEEL PITTED DATES like:

    DATE PASTE (Date Paste is prepared from Pitted Dates


    CHOPPED DATES / DICED DATES ( how Diced Dates are Prepared?)


    DATE POWDER / DATE SUGAR ( natural powder to substitute for fine sugar)




    and other many Date products from WHOLE PITTED DATES.

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