Dates Exporters in Pakistan – Dates Suppliers in Pakistan

Asia Foods International

Dates Exporters in Pakistan – Dates Suppliers in Pakistan

Dates Exporters in Pakistan

Welcome to the Asia Foods International!


ISO 22000 &  HACCP Certified  Dates Company. We are also EU REX registered Company exporting Dates to Europe.

Asia Foods International is a one of the leading Dates growers, processors, packers and Dates Exporters in Pakistan , company is  counted in the best Dates Suppliers in Pakistan. Asia Foods International is located in the hub of dates growing region of  Pakistan, Khairpur Mirs.

Asia Foods International is a trusted name in agribusiness, which mainly deals in agricultural produce and export of dates from Pakistan. A leading company was formed with the single aim to achieve excellence in this vast field of Agribusiness and Dates export. Strive to provide best export quality Dates to customers at their desired price.

Asia Foods bring best of the Pakistan’s agricultural produce to its customers’ doorstep from rich arable land with the adorable aroma, delicious taste, marvelous texture and naturally pure nutrients, which add to a healthy life.

Asia Foods International also included in top dates exporter in Pakistan and deals in all quality dates, Aseel dates and other varieties for Consumer and Industrial use, in multiple variants Fresh Dates, Semi-dried Dates and dry Dates from the current season’s harvest. Best Quality Pakistani Aseel Dates and Other varieties in various packaging. Retail as well as bulk. Select, GAQ FAQ, Industrial and, all grades. For all-purpose: Pitted Dates, Unpitted Dates, Decapped Dates, Chopped Dates, Special Cut Dates, Block Pressed Dates,  Dates Paste, Barhi Dates, dry Dates, Dates stuffed with nuts and other products of dates as a best dates supplier from Pakistan.

In addition to the Export of Dates from Pakistan, Asia Foods International has an extensive line of fresh fruits and vegetables in volume all season long. At Asia Foods International, products are hygienically packed to avoid all types of contamination in day-to-day business to make sure customers get only the freshest, highest quality products with best possible services. Our export products are graded to meet international standards, are pure and free from added preservatives.

The company desires to have a long-lasting relationship with its clients worldwide based on strong corporate ethics. Our determination to be the best agri-business company and best dates company at international level encourages us to maintain high quality and strict delivery schedules to successfully cater to our clients’ specific requirements.

“The experience of the past can combine with the technologies, ideas, and inspirations of today to keep agriculture productive for future generations.”

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