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Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan -Dry Dates Sukkur – Dry Dates Khairpur (Chouhara/ Chuhara-Brown Organic).

Dry Dates exporters Paksitan : Dry Dates are most often considered same as Tamr Dates – fully ripe Dates packed and marketed. Viewed same especially by those not having consumed dry Dates before. What are the dry Dates?

 Dry dates are completely dehydrated Dates containing moisture content less than 06% . Dry Dates are commonly and locally know as  Chouhara, Chuhara, shohara,Chuara,Chhuara. These refer to the same product -dry Dates but spelling may vary. Brown Organic dry Dates are completely dehydrated and sun-dried. Unlike semi-dry dates, dry dates are quite hard in texture. Dry dates have lesser moisture and hence stay fresh for a longer period of time. They fall into the category of dry fruits.

Dry Dates are free from any additives and artificial flavors. It is less sweet than all other dates. If you wish to keep your recipes, cakes or confectionery less sweet with great flavor, dry dates and its powder is the best match. You can eat the whole dry dates; soak in water or milk to use it as the instant energy booster in the morning or before sleep.

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Asia Foods International has the capacity and resources as premier dry Dates exporters Pakistan  to supply dry Dates to all cities in Pakistan as well as across the world.