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Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan-Brown Organic

    Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan -Dry Dates Supplier Pakistan-Asia Foods International

    Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan-Brown Organic


    DRY DATES EXPORTERS PAKISTAN  –  Asia Foods International is the leading Dry Dates Exporters in Pakistan. Dry dates are completely dehydrated Dates containing a moisture content of less than 06%. Dry Dates are commonly and locally know as  Chouhara, Chuhara, Shohara,Chuara,Chuwara. These refer to the same product -“Dried Dates ” but spelling may vary. Brown Organic dry Dates are completely dehydrated and sun-dried. Unlike semi-dry dates, Dry dates are quite hard in texture. Dry dates have lesser moisture and hence stay fresh for a longer period of time. They fall into the category of Dried fruits.

    Dry Dates -Chuara-Chuhara-Brown Dry Dates

    Dry Dates are free from any additives and artificial flavors. It is less sweet than all other dates. If you wish to keep your recipes, cakes or confectionery less sweet with great flavor, dry dates and its powder is the best match. You can eat the whole dry dates; soak in water or milk to use it as the instant energy booster in the morning or before sleep. Dried Dates have a great taste, excellent for snacking, rich in fiber and energy.


    DRY DATES IN  PAKISTAN and  “DRY DATE IN INDIA” are commonly known with these names | CHUARA | CHUHARA | SHUHARA | CHUWARA| DRY DATES BROWN | KHAREK | Dried Dates are widely consumed both in Indian and Pakistan

    How Dried Dates are Prepared - How Chuara (Chuhara) are made ?

    Dry Dates / Dried Dates /Chuara (Chuwara) are made from ASEEL DATES of Pakistan (ASSEL DATES ). Aseel Dates at Bessar Stage locally know as Doka stage Dates are plucked and boiled then sun-dried on mats,  fumigated, washed, cleaned, and packed.

    Harvest season of Dry Dates ( Dried Dates |Chuara|Chuhara|Chuwara|Kharek)

    The harvest season of Dry Dates (Chuara) in Pakistan begins in the month of July which lasts until the end of August. Produce is collected stocked and traded at the Dates Market in Sukkur and Dates Market in Khairpur. Our big quantity of fresh Dates and Dried Dates come from our own Date Farms. In addition to being Dates Exporter Pakistan / Dates Supplier in Pakistan, we are also the single largest Dates growers.

    Qualities of Dry Dates ( Dried Dates -Chuara)

    Grades of Brown Dry Dates |Chuara|Chuhara|

    Aseel Dried Dates remain available in the following qualities/Grades widely known in Indian and Pakistan.

    • K-II
    • K-I
    • Double Top
    • Good Medium
    • Medium
    • Low Medium
    • Good Chaloo,
    • Chaloo 

    Also, these grades are categorized as “Super, A, B, and C quality”. And  Select, GAQ, FAQ and Industrial grade.

    Dry Dates - Dried Dates Brown ( Chuara / Chuhara)

    Dry Dates - Chuara-Chuhara-Dried Dates
    Dry Dates - Chuara-Chuhara-Dried Dates

    Packaging of Dry Dates / Dried Dates Brown

    Retail Packing:

    • > 250g

    • > 500g

    • > 1kg

    • > 2kg

    Bulk Packing :

    • > 5 Kg Carton

    • > 10 Kg Carton

    • > 25 Kg Bag

    • > 50 Kg Bag

    Largely Dry Dates are packed in 25 Kg, 60 kg, and 100 kg jute bags with food-grade polyethylene bags inside. Dried Dates (Chuara) are also supplied in 10kg cartons or packed specifically to the customer requirements in customized packaging.


    Dry Dates -Dried Dates -Chuara-Chuhara-Asia Foods International

    Dry Dates Storage - How to Store Dried Dates?

    Dry Dates / Dried Dates /Chuara are stored normally at room temperature in a dry place. Due to its hard texture and very low moisture content, shelf life lasts till 18 months without losing its taste as texture hardens making it more delicious to eat dry Dates.

    Dry Dates Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


    20 FCL (15-18 tons)


    Any Quantity Can be Ordered

    We start deliveries in the month of August /September every year from fresh season crop. However, deliveries are made round the year.

    Dry Dates Exporter Pakistan - Dry Dates Supplier in Pakistan

    As one of the premier dry Dates exporters Pakistan, having own Dates Farms in Khairpur and Dry Dates production, Asia Foods International offers all qualities/grades of dry Dates at reasonable and the most competitive rates. Whether you require average quality, medium quality, or best quality for human consumption or require discarded dry Dates/waste dry Dates for animal consumption, consider one of the leading dry Dates exporters Pakistan -Asia Foods International


    Dried Brown Dates are cut into two halves. Seed/stone is removed making it just like Stoned Dates. Removal of the seed from Dried Dates makes it easier to consume by eating it or using it in recipes. Half Cut Dried Dates are convenience Dates ready to use.

    Half Cut Dried Dates are prepared from Aseel Dates Chuwara Brown.  These half-cut  Dates are for individual consumption as well as for industrial use. Removal of seed from Dry Dates makes it easier and saves significant time to grind and prepare Dry Dates Powder. In India, half-cut dry Dates are mainly used to prepare Dry Date Powder at the domestic level as well as for commercial purposes. Half Cut Dry Dates are made from good quality washed, cleaned, and Dried Dates. Since cap, as well as seed, is removed, proper storage in a cool, dry place and the airtight container is required.

    Half Cut Dry Dates Brown - Chuara

    Half Cut Dry Dates Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

    Minimum Order Quantity ( MOQ) is the same as Dried Dates whole. For deliveries across Pakistan minimum order of 5-10 kg can be placed.  For exporter orders, the minimum order quantity is  12-17 tons FCL.  As a trial order, MOQ up to 1000 Kg LCL shipment can also be accepted.

    Half Cut Dry Dates Quality

    Half Cut Dried Dates are prepared from all qualities from Double top to medium and Industrial grade (Chaloo grade) keeping in view customer requirements. We at Asia Foods International as leading Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan make sure to meet customer quality requirements. Whichever quality the customer prefers, half-cut Dates are delivered in the same quality. Dates are processed as per customer choice.

    Half Cut Dry Dates Packaging

    Half Cut Dried Dates are packed in :

    • >> 1 Kg Flexible Packaging
    • >> 5 Kg Cartons Cartons
    • >> 10 Kg Cartons
    • >> 25 Kg HDPE PP Woven Bags or Jute Bags with Polythene Food Grade bag.
    • >> 50 Kg HDPE PP Woven Bags or Jute Bags with Polythene Food Grade bag.
    • >> or as per customer requirements. Customized Packaging.

    Asia Foods International a leading  Dry Date Exporters Pakistan / “Dry Dates Supplier in Pakistan”. is capable to cater to all quantity and qualities requirements of the local as well as international customers.

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