About US (Best Dates Company In Pakistan)

About US (Best Dates Company In Pakistan)

Best Dates Company in Pakistan

Asia Foods International(best dates company in Pakistan)

Asia Foods International(best dates company in Pakistan) is a family-owned enterprise having been in agricultural business since many generations as leading growers of Dates in Pakistan with extensive knowledge and understanding of top quality dates and dates processing. This enterprise initiative is to bring agricultural products directly from growers to the consumers taking care of quality standards aiming to become top quality dates supplier.

Asia Foods International is a leading dates grower, processor, manufacturer, dates exporter, and traders, which brings together some of the world’s leading producers of top-quality dates.

  We are engaged in processing and exporting all kinds of Dates-for consumers as well as industrial use, all kinds of fruits and vegetables from Pakistan. Our associate dates farmers and dates growers are a key strength to make us best dates company in Pakistan and eventually number one dates suppliers in Pakistan.

Our Dates products are:

Our Services:

  • Private Label
  • Brokerage
  • Date Palm Plantation

We maintain fully automated plants with proper quality control systems, taking every precaution that the quality of our products is First Class and fully comply with local as well as international regulatory standards to serve as best dates exporter in Pakistan and best dates company in Pakistan.

Our goods are harvested at the appropriate stage of maturity, Cleaned, Sorted, Packed, Vacuum Fumigated, Metal Detected, inspected and loaded in containers at our plants. To earn the trust as best dates supplier from Pakistan our team fully take care of the cost savings, quality of dates and delivery of dates on the schedule.

Asia Foods International commits itself to becoming an International Trader, top dates exporter,  and best Dates supplier with strong competitiveness and one of the major dates producers, dates exporters and distributors of agricultural produce in the world while assuming the responsibility of  sourcing, procurement, development, production, sales and marketing activities to add value for all stakeholders with a vision to become world’s leading dates exporter and leading agribusiness company .

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