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Barhee Dates

Barhi Dates


Barhi Date comes from the date palm Phoenix dactylifera. Barhi dates are normally yellow in color. There are varieties of Dates which tastes same like Barhi/Barhee Dates but are red in color. But at large there are yellow Dates. In Arabic the Dates are known as Khalal (الخلال) and in Sindhi Barhi Dates are known as Doka. Barhi Dates are crunchy, soft and sweet in nature and very delicious to eat.

This date is unique and very delicious in its edibility during first stage of its ripeness Khalal Stage.  There are three stages of  Dates ripeness:

  • Yellow and semi-ripe  Khalal Stage)
  • Amber brown and fully ripe Rotab /Rutab
  • Dark brown, dried and wrinkled (Tamr).

It tastes best when eaten fresh and hardly it is consumed in the final Tamr stage. Its size is 16-20g and its shape is Round or Oval.

Shelf Life of Barhi Dates:

Barhi Dates are fresh Dates just picked and packed directly, cannot be stored for a longtime. Shelf life under normal temperature can be up to 4-5 days. However, if kept in cool and dry place like freezer or cold storage its life can last for few weeks. Its tastes best if eaten within 3-4 days of harvest. A real delicacy, the Yellow Barhi date has an extremely short harvest season and best used immediately. Yellow Barhi dates are far more perishable than their fully ripe version Tamr and must be stored in the refrigerator to maintain its crunch and good taste.

  • Storage temperature: 1°C
  • Store shelf: Refrigerated / Cold storage facility.
  • Normal Shelf life:  weeks

Barhi Dates Packaging:

Packing of yellow Barhi Dates is done according to standards set by the international and domestic market, normally Dates are packed as per customer requirements. There are 500g plastic punnets, attractive jars for malls and premium outlets and eye-catching 1kg,5 kg, 10 kg corrugated boxes, straw-made buckets give a gorgeous look to the Dates. Bigger and customized packing is available for loose and wholesale sales.

Barhi Dates

Red Barhi /Barhee Dates

Barhi Dates Availability –Harvest Season of Barhi Dates

Barhi Dates are available only from July to Mid of August every year during the harvest season.

Barhi Dates yellow are produced at our Farms at Therhi, Khairpur, Sind, Pakistan in large quantity. Mostly this crop is sold locally. Asia Foods International is forging business relationships in Asian countries as well as in European countries to export yellow Barhi Dates.

Barhi Dates Nutrition – Barhi Dates Benefits:

Yellow Barhi dates are a rich source of fiber, iron, potassium, B-vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants.

Barhi Dates Uses

These dates are excellent crunchy sweet snack and eaten on their own afresh. The pitted dates may be chopped to add into fruit salads for interesting sweet crunch. They are good for the desserts, they tend to keep their texture better, and pair beautifully with different fruits. So, the common uses of the these Dates are consumption as fresh fruit and vegetable salads.

Origins of Barhi Dates /Barhee Dates

Barhee or barhi  is a word taken from the Arabic barhi, which means ‘a hot wind’)– For the thousands of years Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East and the Indus Valley. But the origin of the Barhi is believed to the Iraq.

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