Banana Powder | Manufacturers of Banana Powder in Pakistan

Banana Powder Manufacturers Pakistan

Banana Powder | Manufacturers of Banana Powder in Pakistan

Banana Powder Manufacturers Pakistan.

Asia Foods International Produces Banana Powder from best quality Bananas at own Banana manufacturing facility where banana is peeled, dried and powdered produced at high quality standard. We do not sundry Banana to maintain quality standards.

We sell Banana Powder in Pakistan as well as export Banana powder from Pakistan across the world at the competitive rates maintaining high quality.

Chemical and physical characteristic of Banana Powder:

  • Normal Appearance: Powder, with granules or fine powder

  • Impurities: none.

  • Sundried: No.

  • Color: milk yellow or slight brow as required.

  • Ingredients: 100 % Banana.

  • Water content: less than 4%

  • Solubility: more than 95%

  • Coli: Nil

  • Salmonella: Nil

Nutrition of the Banana Powder. It contains:

  • Protein

  • Fat,

  • Carbohydrate

  • Dietary fiber

  • Ca

  • Mg

  • K,

Banana Powder Applications:

  • You can drink Banana powder directly by mixing it with 250ML hot water

  • Banana Powder is also used as ingredient as an instant beverage powder, sauce, stuffing ice cream, cake, cookie, baby food, pudding, cosmetics and other industrial products etc.

Packing: Banana powder is available in 500g and 1 kg plastic bags. We also provide customized packing for large industrial buying.

Shelf Life of Banana Powder: 02 years if in closed and sealed container kept from direct sunlight and moisture.

Storage:  banana powder should be placed in closed container keeping away from light and moisture.

Asia Foods International is the only company in Pakistan producing Banana Powder – Banana flour and other Banana products like dried Banana slices, Banana figs, whole dried Banana. We have the capacity to deliver small quantities as well as large quantities across Pakistan and across the world. We produce Banana fine powder as well as granule powder as required by the customer.

Banana is an edible fruit worldwide which is botanically a berry, it is produced by various kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa.

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