Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara | Dry Dates dealer in Pakistan| Dry Dates Exporters in Pakistan


Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara | Dry Dates dealer in Pakistan| Dry Dates Exporters in Pakistan



  The Yellow Dried Dates – also known as Rangkat Chuara, are prepared from renowned Dates variety in Pakistan ASEEL DATES ” .   Asia Foods International is one of the leading Exporter of Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara in PakistanYellow dry Dates are commonly known as Rangkhat (Rangkaat) in local language in Paksitan and India. The Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkaat Chuara are hard in texture, dehydrated and sun-dried but the key difference is color. The color of the date is changed through a process artificially. This type of date is not considered not as as organic completely as the color is changed artificially. There is no other artificial additive, flavor or sweetener to these dates other than the change of color. Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkhat Chuara are sweet in taste. Rangkat chuara are produced from Aseel Dates in Pakistan.  Asia Foods International supplies dry Dates yellow / Rangkat Chuhara in main three qualities- low quality (Chalu Chuara), Medium Quality, and top quality. Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara is produced at Asia Foods International farms during the Dates harvest season starting from 15th July till 15th August each year.  Dry Dates Yellow-Rangkat Chuara is mainly exported to India therefore one can easily find Rangkat Chuara in India. Color of the Khalal Dates is changed by boiling through a process. Then Khalal Dates are sun-dried for 4-5 days. We are not only growers of Dates ( Yellow Dry Dates) but also one of the leading  “Dry Dates Dealers in Pakistan” supplying Dates across Pakistan, exporting Dates to India and other countries in small as well as bulk quantities.  

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