Get Online Quote – Online Khajoor Price in Pakistan

Khajoor Price in Pakistan-Dates Price in Pakistan-Aseel Dates

Get Online Quote – Online Khajoor Price in Pakistan

Khajoor Price in Pakistan – Dates Price in Pakistan

Using this form you can get Khajoor Price in Pakistan / Dates Price in Pakistan we assuring you of our best possible price.

Asia Foods International is a trusted name in agribusiness in Pakistan, which mainly deals in agricultural produce and export of dates from Pakistan.  Strive to provide best export quality Dates to customers at their desired price withing Pakistan and across the world.

While sitting from your home you can btain Dates Price in Pakistan / Khajoor Price in Pakistan. We have Aseel Dates Supply and dry Dates(Chuhara) supply network across Pakistan. Transportation of Dates facility across Pakistan is available.  You can contact us for

  • Khajoor price in Pakistan-Dates Price in Pakistan,
  • Khajoor price in Karachi-Dates Price in Karachi,
  • Khajoor price in Peshawa-Dates Price in Peshawar,
  • Khaoor price in Quetta-Dates price in Quetta,
  • Khajoor price in Lahore-Dates Price in Lahore,
  • Khajoor price in Islamabad – Dates price in Islamabad
  • Dates Price -Dry Dates Price-Chuhara Price
  • Pitted Dates Price -Gluten free
  • Unpitted Dates -Whole Dates Price
  • De-capped Dates Price
  • Chopped DatesDiced Dates Price-Chopped Dates coated with flour -Diced Dates coated with Dextrose.
  • Block DatesBlock pressed Dates price
  • Dates PowderDates SugarDates flour Price
  • Dates Paste price
  • Dates Syrup price
  • Discarded Dates for animal feed /Crushed Dates for animal feed price.
  • Date Kernel -Dates Pit-Dates Seed price

Price of Dates in the world has increased due to increase in demand of Dates in Europe and across the world. Still  price of Pakistani Dates specially Aseel Dates is very low compared to the popular Date Varieties like Barhi dates, Deglet Noor dates,Halawy dates,Khadrawy dates,Medjool dates,Thoory dates, Zahidi dates, Ajwa Dates, Anbara Dates, Safawi Dates, Saghai Dates, Khudri, Sukkari Dates, Kholas Dates. Chinese date, or jujube ( it has resemblance to color and texture of Dates but botanically it is neither considered as variety of the Date or member of it.

Asia Foods International company is  the only company in Pakistan having own Dates orchards and Dates Farming in Pakistan therefore able to quote the competitive price for all Dates varieties. Whether you require Dates for human consumption or your require Dates for Animal feed consider Asia Foods International to get the best price.


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