Almond Dates Supplier in Pakistan |Badam Khajoor |Badam Wali Khajoor |Nut Stuffed Dates

Almond Dates Supplier in Pakistan-Almond Dates-Badam Khajoor-Badam Wali Khajoor

Almond Dates Supplier in Pakistan |Badam Khajoor |Badam Wali Khajoor |Nut Stuffed Dates


|Badam Khajoor |Badam Wali Khajoor |Nut Stuffed Dates|

Asia Foods International is Almond Dates Supplier in Pakistan, commonly known as “Badam Khajoor / Badam Khajour“, “Badam Wali Khajoor“, or ” Nut Stuffed Dates” . Fresh top grade Assel Dates and other Date varieties are pitted ( seed removed ) and filled with either Almonds, Pistachios, Wall nuts, Cashews and Coconut Powder as per customer requirements.

Nuts Stuffed Dates

Asia Foods International`s nuts Stuffed Dates – easy appetizer or dessert, sweet and savory Fillings have a distinct taste, making it impossible not to love them. The pitted Aseel date is filled with a mixture of dried fruits including almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, peanuts and walnut. Dates are first pitted and then stuffed with one or several nuts. This dates and nuts are a simple, pure, and natural combination perfect to restore blood sugar and is absolutely packed with nutrition. The walnuts pair beautifully with the natural sweetness of the dates, walnut Stuffed Dates – chewy dates stuffed with crunchy nuts and rolled in coconut powder taste fabulous.These nut stuffed dates pack a lot of flavor in a couple of bites, making them perfect for parties and energy booster.
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