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Decapped Aseel Dates-Best Quality Aseel Dates – Pakistani Dates Fruit

Decapped dates are best quality Aseel Dates semi-dried, fleshy dates without the cap. Decapped Dates contain pit inside. One of the best dates in Pakistan. Removal of the cap makes it easier to cut and remove pit to use Date for naturally sweetening recipes, stuffing nuts or eating the whole candy like dates. These are Indus Valley Dates – best quality Aseel Dates consumed yearlong across Pakistan and also exported to Europe, USA, UK, Canada and many other countries. This Pakistani Dates fruit is very sweet, nutritious and healthy to eat.  Dates are widely known as Kharik in Hindi.

Most of the Dates are either consumed as whole Dates or pitted Dates. Decapped Dates are not very common but these Dates are easy to remove pit  or if any one wishes to have whole Date then these Dates are a good option.