Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates

Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates

Block of dates | Pitted pressed dates

Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates  are actually a block of dates – Pitted pressed dates. Best quality Aseel Dates are mashed and pressed through a machine to make a block

Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates is a block of dried dates which lasts longer on shelf than other lose Dates. It can be put in refrigerator and used as per per the need by just cutting down a part from big block.

Size of Block Pressed Dates – Block Dates

Size of the pitted Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates varies as per the customer requirements. But normally the size of Block dates is 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg or can be bigger of so required.

Blocked Dates -Block Dates do not contain any pit inside therefore can be used any time for use in cooking, preparing salads or making the paste of Dates.

It is advised to keep the Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates at cool and dry temperature to maintain its texture and taste


Supplier and Exporter of Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates in Karachi-Pakistan

Asia Foods International is Supplier and Exporter of Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates in Karachi-Pakistan, We pick Dates from our Aseel Dates Farm and Process at our Aseel Dates Factory & Processing Plant located in Khairpur Pakistan.

Asia Foods International`s Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates are made from pitted pressed Aseel dates, Phoenix dactylifera (date palm), Block dates is light Brown to dark brown pressed date in different size from 100g, 250g to 500g to 1kg or as per order of the customers. It is nourishing and healthy snack contains Fiber, Potassium, Vitamins, Minerals, and Glucose. It is used in many cooking dishes, lovely, juicy and tasty. Excellent quality dates, easy to store and cut up to your requirement as they are pressed together in a block.

Finest GAQ Grade Pitted dates are pressed into a block to make Block Pressed Dates -Block Dates-Don’t worry because they break apart easily as they are soft and tasty so you can munch on them just like a normal packet. You can prepare to make a date and walnut cake, make your own version of protein balls by combining them with ground nuts, honey and coconut oil in a food processor. Block pressed dates -block dates are very delicious and energizing! Brilliant value dates for making date paste to use in baking to replace sugar, good for chopping into chutneys and puddings.