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 Dates Unpitted Aseel | Whole Aseel Dates

Asia Foods International whole Aseel Dates unpitted dates Aseel  contain pit /seed inside and cap. Aseel Dates unpitted are directly picked at he Tamr stage or Rotab/Rutab Stage, then are sun-dried and considered as raw food kitchen staple. Locally these Dates are known as Khajoor.

They are all natural sweetener for energy drinks and smoothies, contain natural, unprocessed sugar, with fiber, potassium, calcium, and iron. Their sticky-sweet texture makes them great for binding nuts into bars and tart crusts.

Our Aseel Dates unpitted  dates are all natural, the pit can be removed easily by using a small serrated or pairing knife, slice down lengthwise into the date. You should hit the pit. Pull open the date and remove pit and enjoy the marvelous taste of Asia Foods International Aseel  Dates unpitted.

Aseel whole Dates remain available round the year in all qualities, select best quality, medium quality and average quality. Select Dates quality remain in high demand during Ramadan across Pakistan and also best quality Dates are supplied to UK, USA,  UAE, Canada, Germany, Malaysia and Australia.

Whole Aseel Dates are packed in 1 kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg boxes. Gift boxes of Dates are also prepared for supply during Ramadan. Custom made gift boxes prepared meeting customer requirements.

Aseel Dates unpitted (whole dates) contain less  moisture content less than 18% . These Dates have long shelf life and can be stored upto two years if kept at advised storage instructions. Dates are advised to be placed in cool and dry place preferably in cold storage to maintain taste, quality and Dates texture.

Aseel Dates unpitted if kept at room temperature can change its color from brown to dark brown or dark after few months.

Fresh harvest of the Dates in Pakistan start from 15th July and lasts until 15th August.

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