Mangoes Exports Pakistan

Mangoes Exports Pakistan


Pakistani Mango is best in taste.

Pakistani Mango is considered as one of the best mangoes in the world.

Mango is known as king of Fruits just like Date Palm is known as King of Oasis. Like Pakistani Aseel Dates, Pakistani Mangoes are sweet and delicious. Export of Mango from Pakistan started on 20th may, 2018 for the current season. Pakistan has set export target of 100,000 metric tons and Foreign exchange of $95-100 million for Pakistani mangoes.

Pakistani Mango-Asia-Foods-International

Pakistani-Mangoes-Asia Foods International

35 % Less production of Mango expected this year.

Pakistan every enjoys good production of mango meeting local demand as well as exporting to different countries. This year’s crop is suffering 35% drop due the underlined factors:

  • Shortage of water has acute adverse effect,
  • Global warming, temperature in Pakistan every year hits new records which is badly affecting some crops like mango.

Pakistani Mango growers are expecting a smaller size this year, buyers of Pakistani mangoes are accustomed to seeing large-sized fruit that is succulent and sweet. A smaller variety would downgrade buyers’ expectations.

 New route for export of Mangoes to China:

It is for the first time mango exporters from Pakistan will be using the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route for exports to China. Chinese are buyers are, expressing keen interest for import of Pakistani mangoes. Pakistani exporters of mango are looking to export around 500- 2000 tons to China. Exporters of Mango are anticipating China can emerge as a big market for Pakistani mango, and once it’s fully developed where 20,000 tons mango could be exported.

Key markets of Pakistani Mango:

  • The Gulf countries,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Saudi Arab
  • European countries
  • Japan
  • Iran
  • China

These are considered as major buyers of Pakistani mangoes while 150 tons of mango is to be exported to Japan also. Though Iran is also an important buyer, it is not much attractive market for the exporters due to its unprecedented devaluation of currency.

To further expand markets for mango, promotions in China, Maldives, and European countries would be held.

Major Mango Growing Areas of Pakistan

Sindh province is the largest producer of Mango followed by Punjab.

Sindh Mango producing areas:

  • Hyderabad District,
  • Tando Al- yar ,
  • MirpurKhas
  • Parts of Khairpur Mirs. It is the largest Dates and Banana producing District.

Punjab Mango producing areas:

  • MuzzafarGarh,
  • Multan ,Rahim Yar Khan,
  • Shujabad

Potential threats to the production of Pakistani mango:

Serious and potential to Pakistani mango are Global warming and Climate change. These factors are having overall negative impact on production of mango and its continued negative impact is anticipated to lead to 35% less production. Growers are facing two-fold threat, less production and smaller size. Overall short supply of Pakistani mango is expected this year which would push wholesale price from Rs. 24f00 to Rs.3000 per 40 kg.





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