FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates


FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates


FQA Pitted Aseel Dates are a quality or grade of Dates made from Aseel Dates variety of Pakistan.

FAQ Pitted Aseel Date is class II or grade B quality of Dates used for direct human consumption as well in making of the other products.

FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates are seedless whole Dates..These are cleaned, pitted, graded and packed for export locally within Pakistan as well as exported across the world.

FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates are exported to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, South Africa Malaysia and many other countries.


FAQ Aseel Dates are bigger in size than Industrial Pitted Aseel Dates and smalled than GAQ Pitted Aseel Dates.

In FAQ Grade Aseel Dates, there are more than 90 Dates pieces per /lb  but <100. (more than 90 but less than 100 pieces/lb).

FAQ stands For Fair Average Quality.

Where to Buy FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates?

You can email us or call us for all inquiries related with Aseel FAQ Pitted Dates Purchases.

What is Minimum Quanity Order (MOQ) for  FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates?

MOQ for Aseel FAQ Pitted Dates is 15 – 18 tons. 20ft FCL. Smaller quantity up-to 10 tons also accepted. To get most competitive price it is advisable to order 18 tons.

What Packaging is used  for  FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates?

Aseel FAQ Pitted Dates are normally packed in 10kg corrugated boxes. Customer customized packaging is also provided like smaller packaging of 1kg packed on 10-20kg master boxes.

What are Sales Terms to Order  FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates?

We offer Aseel FAQ Pitted Dates on FOB, CFR & CIF basis.

What is lead time /delivery time for  FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates?

 Aseel FAQ Pitted Dates are put to production as soon as LC is confirmed or advance payment is received. We ensure delivery of the shipment is made as per the client schedule.

When I can get the best price /most competitive price for FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates?

 You can get best price/ most competitive quote for Aseel GAQ Pitted Dates if you confirm us ordered quantity every year till mid of July.

Can I get the Free Samples For  FAQ Pitted Aseel Dates?

 Yes you can get free samples of Aseel FAQ Pitted Dates up to 1 kg. Dates Sample will be free of cost  but you will have to bear the destination  Shipment charges.

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