Asia Foods International Services

Asia Foods Internationals Services

Asia Foods International Services:

1. Private Label

Asia Foods International offers private label services to overseas customers taking care to meet all safety and international standards. We provide our foreign customers an opportunity to source high-quality dates from Pakistan and sell under their own label. We can pack our products in all types and sizes at our own facilities.

2. Brokerage

Apart from dates and date products, we extend the full range of brokerage services to our local as well as overseas clients. We help in the procurement of all types of fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits and other products. We partner with our clients and make sure they get best services.

3. Date Palm Plantation (Date Tree Plantation)

We feel it deeply privileged to offer date palm (tree) plantation services sharing our generations old experience and expertise in dates especially Aseel Dates. We are the only company in Pakistan having a dedicated team of date palm experts planting date palms across Pakistan where there is the warm and hot weather. Asia Foods International now makes it possible for you to have a date palm tree in your backyard or garden. We have the capacity to cater to our client’s needs at small scale as well as at large scale. After planting date palms, you will need to follow good date palm tree care. In addition to irrigation and support, palms need good nutrient management and pest and disease control. We offer all advice and maintenance of date palm (date tree) until it bears the fruit. We plant date palms in different sizes as per the requirements. In order to ensure our planted date palm survives and grow tall, we offer plantation services in specific months only. Date Palm grows and takes roots under specific temperature and weather conditions.

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