Aseel Date Palm Production in Pakistan

Aseel Date Palm Production in Pakistan


Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) - Dattelpalme

Aseel Dates Company in Pakistan
Aseel Date Palm of Pakistan

Aseel Date Palm Production in Pakistan: Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) – Dattel palme – Datteln Palme is cultivated across Pakistan. Warm climate is precondition for growing Date Palms where summers are much longer than the winters. As saying goes regarding the Date that its feet should be in water and its head in the fire.


Dates Palm Growing Areas of Pakistan

Sindh              :Sukkur ( famous for Aseel Dry Dates) & Khairpur (Aseel Dates -Therhi)

Punjab             :Jhang, Multan Muzafargarh &   D.G. Khan

Baluchistan:   :Turbat & Punjgoor

KPK:                : D.I. Khan ( Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)


Date Palm Varieties Cultivated in Four Provinces of Pakistan

Punjab            : Hillavi, Khudravi

Sindh              : Asil Dates/Aseel Dates, Fasli, Kupro, Karbalain, Barhi

KPK                 : Dhakki, Basri, Halini and Zahidi

Baluchistan    : Muzawati, Begum Jangi, Halini,Sabzo

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